In today’s world, the fusion of automotive technology and electronics, known as Autotronics, is reshaping mobility solutions for individuals with disabilities. At the forefront of this revolution is Deva Autotronics, led by Sushen Mohan Gupta.  

In this blog, we delve into the pioneering initiatives undertaken by Deva Autotronics as we strive to redefine boundaries and enhance accessibility for all. Join us on this journey as we explore groundbreaking technologies and transformative solutions designed to empower individuals and enrich their lives.  

Getting to Know Autotronics 

Think of Autotronics as a mix of automotive technology and electronics—a blend that’s shaking up how mobility solutions are handled for people with disabilities. Our core expertise at Deva Autotronics lies in engineering top-notch assistive tools and vehicle adaptations designed to accommodate the varying needs of our diverse client base. 

Supercharging Mobility with Adaptive Vehicle Controls 

One significant way Autotronics is empowering people with disabilities is through adaptive vehicle controls. Our committed team is continuously inventing and introducing custom controls that help people with limited mobility drive independently. With innovations like hand controls, joystick steering, and voice-controlled commands, we’re addressing a broad spectrum of mobility hurdles. 

Pioneering Accessibility with Creative Solutions 

At Deva Autotronics, accessibility isn’t just an afterthought; it’s at the heart of everything we do. We aim to remove hurdles and build accepting environments through our creative solutions, offering products like wheelchair lifts, ramps, and altered seating arrangements to ensure seamless vehicle access and environmental navigation for people with disabilities. 

  1. Fuelling Independence with Technology: Technology, with Autotronics being a leading performer, is continually fostering independence for people with disabilities. Thanks to strides made in robotics, sensor technology, and AI, we at Deva Autotronics are forever challenging the status quo. Our ultimate objective is to enable people with disabilities to embrace life wholly and unreservedly. 
  2. The Power of Personalisation: We appreciate that everyone is distinct, and so are their mobility needs. Therefore, personalisation tops our priority list. Be it adapting a vehicle for a particular wheelchair or designing a control mechanism to accommodate individual motion ranges, we strive to provide our clients with an ideal fit for their needs.  
  3. Championing Inclusion and Accessibility: At Deva Autotronics, we aren’t just throwing around buzzwords when we talk about inclusion and accessibility—these principles govern our operations. We firmly believe that every person should have a chance to contribute fully to society, irrespective of their physical capabilities. By offering innovative Autotronics solutions, we’re dismantling barriers and setting the stage for a future defined by inclusivity. 
  4. Joining Forces for a Cause: We understand that impactful change comes with collaboration. Hence, we engage closely with individuals, advocacy organisations, and government bodies to passionately advocate for greater accessibility and inclusiveness. Together, we can build an environment where no one misses out on opportunities. 

Sushen Mohan Gupta’s Vision at Deva Autotronics: 

Here at Deva Autotronics, Sushen Mohan Gupta, with his visionary approach, is driving transformative performance in Autotronics. His leadership is cultivating an inclusive and innovation-based culture, propelling us to devise top-notch solutions that empower people with disabilities. Under his mentorship, Deva Autotronics continues to spearhead advancements in the industry, solidifying our status as an industry leader. 


Autotronics is a potent force in facilitating independence and uplifting life quality for those with disabilities. At Deva Autotronics, we feel privileged to be at the vanguard of this revolution, inventing solutions that help people lead fuller lives. By focusing on personalisation, championing inclusiveness, and collaborating for a common cause, we’re steering positive change and crafting a universally accessible world. Do join us on this mission as we strive to make independence achievable for all. 

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