Autotronics Sector

The automotive industry constantly evolves to meet the demands of consumers and the environment. At the forefront of this transformation is the Autotronics sector, where cutting-edge technology converges with automotive engineering to create safer, more efficient, and eco-friendly vehicles. Deva Autotronics, headed by Sushen Mohan Gupta, is a global leader in onboard electronics, diagnostics, and telematics, and plays a pivotal role in this sector by providing solutions to some of the world’s most renowned automotive manufacturers.  

A Pioneering Force in Autotronics 

Deva Autotronics, a trusted partner for onboard electronics, diagnostics, and telematics in the automotive industry, has established itself with a distinguished presence. They serve a clientele that includes some of the biggest names in the automotive world, such as Daimler Chrysler, Scania, Volvo (Renault Trucks), BMW, and more. But what exactly does Deva Autotronics contribute to this dynamic sector? 

1. Powering the Dashboard: Electronic Instrument Gauges 

In the automotive world, the dashboard is more than just a cluster of numbers and lights; it’s a control center. Deva Autotronics’s electronic instrument gauges and modern instrument clusters for commercial vehicles are engineered to provide accurate and easily readable information. These displays are crucial for drivers to make informed decisions on the road, enhancing safety and efficiency. 

2. Greener on the Go: DC to DC Converters 

The DC-to-DC converters for commercial vehicles provided by Deva Autotronics play an indispensable role in the global push for cleaner energy. These converters are crucial for CNG/Euro III/IV applications in commercial buses and trucks. By effectively managing power distribution, Deva’s converters contribute to emissions reduction and enhanced fuel efficiency, while also ensuring a dependable energy supply to vehicles. 

3. Enhancing the Ride: Audio and Video Systems 

Passengers value the journey as much as the destination does. Deva Autotronics has designed audio and video systems for buses and coaches to enhance the travel experience. These systems include LCD monitors, DVD players, speakers, and PA systems, all of which can operate on bus chassis voltage of 12/24V. They bring entertainment and information on board, transforming any commute into a pleasant experience. 

4. Road Safety Matters: Electronic Speed Limiters 

Safety on the road is paramount, and electronic speed limiters play a significant role. Deva Autotronics supplies these devices for buses, trucks, and other commercial vehicles. Speed sensors, integrated with the limiters, help ensure that vehicles adhere to speed limits, reducing accidents and improving road safety. 

5. Simplifying Complexity: Multiplexing Units 

Complex wiring, relays, and switches in vehicles can be challenging to manage. Deva Autotronics’s multiplexing units, intelligent electronic control units (ECUs), are installed on commercial vehicles to streamline and simplify these complex systems. They also have the ability to diagnose malfunctions, making vehicle maintenance more efficient and cost-effective. 

6. Diagnostic Excellence: On-Board and Off-Board Tools 

Diagnosing vehicle issues is critical for keeping fleets & vehicles in top condition. Deva Autotronics offers both on-board and off-board diagnostic tools for commercial domestic vehicles and manufacturing plants. These tools facilitate quick and accurate troubleshooting, minimizing downtime and reducing repair costs. 

7. The CAN Revolution: Controlled Area Network (CAN) Tools 

State-of-the-art vehicle communication tools based on Controlled Area Network architecture are essential in modern vehicle design and manufacturing. Deva Autotronics CAN tools facilitate seamless communication between vehicle systems during both the design and after-sales stages, ensuring vehicles to be technologically advanced and capable of real-time data exchange. 

8. Setting the Standard: Vehicle Inspection Testing Lanes 

Ensuring that vehicles meet stringent standards is essential for compliance and safety. Deva Autotronics’s vehicle inspection testing lanes, available in both static and mobile forms, cover various tests, including sound level, emission, alignment, brake testing, suspension testing, and headlight testing. These testing solutions contribute to safer and more environmental -friendly vehicles. 

9. Navigating the Future: Telematics and Tachographs 

Telematics and Tachographs are critical for vehicle tracking and fleet management. Deva Autotronics’s telematics systems provide vehicle location, performance data, and fleet management solutions, helping companies optimize their operations and improve customer service. 


Deva Autotronics’s prominent role in the Autotronics sector illustrates how innovation in onboard electronics, diagnostics, and telematics is driving the automotive industry forward. As the automotive world continues to evolve industry leaders like Sushen Gupta, will play a pivotal role in shaping the future of mobility. 

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